Pixel Eight Art | What is Pixel Eight Art?

House of Orange - Custom Sized ArtHouse of Orange - Custom Sized Art Lobby at St Thomas 20th Ave Medical BuildingLobby at St Thomas 20th Ave Medical Building "Ebb & Flow" Custom Art for Michael Brody-Waite"Ebb & Flow" Custom Art for Michael Brody-Waite Custom Art for Lisa & Ernie NavarroCustom Art for Lisa & Ernie Navarro    

Pixel Eight Art, high tech art for modern spaces...

We create unique and eye catching artwork, that can be customized and color matched to our clients specific needs. We offer works in a variety of different options such as gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic mounted and high quality metal prints. We even specialize in handmade, resin coated images that will give any space a modern look. We will work directly with your design team or help you through our process of image selection and customization. We can create a single custom image or multiple original works for your design project. At Pixel Eight Art the possibilities are limitless.