Sales and pricing

At Pixel Eight Art options are what we do! We want you to have as many options as possible, so we have included a shopping cart option on this website. Any prints ordered via the shopping cart will be handled through Mpix color lab. However not all of the artwork on this site falls into the sizes that they offer for printing, so some cropping could occur. Please keep this in mind when you are ordering from the shopping cart on this site. If the image you want does not fall into the size you would like to order via the shopping cart just hit the contacts button and let us know. We will reconfigure any image on this site to fit any size you would like to order and make sure you get the print you are looking for.  


Latex prints

Custom built latex prints are what Pixel Eight Art is famous for. These are not available through the shopping cart. Customers must contact us directly via email to order these handmade works. Latex prints are made on custom built Oak and Birch frames assembled in our studio. The frame is primed using a special process and the image is directly printed onto latex paint. Latex prints are offered in three types of finishes, high gloss resin, hand texture matte, or hand textured gloss. These completed works are priced by the square foot according to their finish. Hand textured finished Latex prints are currently priced at $50 a square foot, while high gloss resin finished latex prints are prices at $75 a square foot. Please don't hesitate to send us an email with any questions you might have about sales and pricing.